Rustic Art

Little Laundry
500 gm
Price: 175
Little laundry is a perfect and safe way to clean your baby?s nappy and clothes. It is extremely gentle while powerfully cleaning your baby?s clothes. It has twice the quantity of coconut and Neem thus keeping the rash causing bacteria in check. Little laundry is treated with Lavender essential oil which is known for its anti fungal ability. It?s extremely gentle on hands and hence safe for machine as well as hand wash. Water Efficient - Requires less water to rinse. The wastewater can be passed through the soak pit and can then be reused for secondary purposes or can be directly reused for washing floors vehicles etc. The product doesn?t have any filler and is completely biodegradable natural organic handmade vegan cruelty free sustainable eco-friendly and made in India. Packed in reusable cloth back made by rural women.

500 gm


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