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We like to call these the "Ancient Smart Foods" of India. Our traditional cuisine is quite diverse due to our geographical range and cultural diversity. It is typically based on locally available food items, suited for our genetic makeup, weather conditions and contributes to local livelihoods too
Local vegetables fruits are seasonal, and are ideal for consumption during those seasons e.g. aam panna made with local mangoes during our summer. Millets, rice varieties, pulses and peanuts are local to our region and feature prominently in our traditional diets.
There are plenty of traditional recipes available for locally produced foods, which are healthier and cater to every meal of the day. We can also innovate and experiment with new recipes using local ingredients to cater to the needs of our multicultural consumer-base e.g. baking with flour made from yavvalu, a local barley type of the deccan region.


Millets Rotti
300 gm