Goodseeds Conscious Space

A unique space to explore our lifestyle choices; choices we can consciously make and see how they enrich us and everything around us.

We designed the space to provide memorable experiences for people of all ages, as we see our target audience as families, who visit us together to experience the sustainable choices and conscious lifestyle ideas we offer in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our space features an experience shopping for sustainable products for both daily consumption and gifting. We feature a vegan cafe, urban garden and plenty of open spaces surrounded by rocks and plants to socialise, host talks, workshops and events - all focused on bringing like-minded people together who want to live a life of complete awareness!

Visit our space to enjoy and create experiences we can cherish together!

Organic Earth Mela

We started Goodseeds in 2012 as a monthly farmers & artisans market. initially named as a bazaar, this unique and popular monthly event was renamed as " Organic Earth Mela " to reflect its celebratory nature of our way of life, traditions and local ethos.

Joining hands with Saptaparni, a cultural space in Banjara Hills, we could curate a monthly event to build a beautiful community around the values of being earth-friendly and promoting local artists & artisans. We explored lifestyle choices based on our traditional wisdom, organic and ethical foods, and making choice to live in harmony with our environment.

After completing 10 years and successfully hosting over 150 melas, we are rethinking our approach beginning 2023. We want scale our melas to be bigger and more engaging. We want to organise these across Hyderabad with activities, workshops, talks, concerts and more.

We seek more involvement from our community in terms of making these ideas a reality and bring many fresh perspectives to further evolve this concept.

Women Entrepreneurs Network

Goodseeds is a proud, women-centric community organisation. Our customers, suppliers, partners, advisors, ... in every aspect of what we do, we are supported and guided by women!

Our association with so many enterprising women has helped us build a network of an amazing group, which helps entrepreneurs collaborate and learn from one another. Goodseeds is an attractive and viable platform both as a channel and as a mentor, given our association with organisations such as WE Hub, Craft Council and others.

Goodseeds Women Entrepreneur Network aims to provide a complete ecosystem for local women entrepreneurs from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, especially those who are involved in agriculture, traditional artisanal endeavours and social/environmental causes. Through our association with WE Hub, we aim to provide advisory, financial and open up markets for entrepreneurs and help them scale their business.

We are looking to nominate coordinators from within the group, who could drive this idea to the next level.

Gardening for the Soul

What gives better satisfaction than growing your own food? We CAN'T think of many things really!

Home Gardening is both a fun hobby as well as an opportunity to grow chemical-free veggies and fruits for home consumption. It also helps us understand our food better and could educate our children how their food is grown.

We are creating an urban garden in our space at our terrace and in the open spaces around the building. We have planted fruiting trees, and sowing to grow greens & seasonal veggies, and intend to experiment on non-local produce. We also plan to grow microgreens, saplings and home plants on pre-order from our customers.

The space will provide complete supplies for home garden, offer periodic talks & workshops by gardening experts and farmers, and most importantly bring the community together.

Events at Conscious Space

Our space is setup to bring people together around the idea of conscious and sustainable living. What we mean by this is that Goodseeds conscious space will provide a unique environment to just visit and have discussions as well as a place that hosts a variety of events and activities.

We plan to have talks, workshops, concerts, theatre, children's activities, farmers & artisan markets, and provide opportunities for youngsters to volunteer on social and environmental causes. With an in-house cafe and beautiful outdoor & indoor spaces at our disposal, we want this to be an active cultural hub in Hyderabad.

We are looking to launch weekend markets soon after Sankaranthi, 2023 and roll out our events calendar soon after. To join us in this exciting journey in any possible manner, please contact us.