About Us

goodseeds - is a community to promote sustainable living. We facilitate sustainable living ideas; ideas for conscious lifestyle choices that would benefit our holistic health, our families, our society and our mother earth.

Established as a concept in November, 2012, we create offline and online markets to our traditional & local producers - farmers, weavers, artisans and the like. We are a leading facilitator for organic & eco-friendly lifestyle products and a pioneer of monthly farmers markets in India. We also recently launched our first franchise outlet to serve our growing community. Let's sow the seeds and reap the benefits!

Vision & Values

Our Vision - We will nurture a community of people who care about their personal and family's health, environment and society. Our community will facilitate lively interactions within and create accessible marketplaces.

Our Values - Honesty, Openness, Respect and Empathy are our core values

Commitment & Approach

Community Model - Our community embraces consumers, producers and facilitators / aggregators of sustainable products.

Commitment to Mother Earth - Caring about our environment is a simple extension of caring about our community. We believe that by simply promoting healthy lifestyle choices, wise environmental practices and traditional wisdom, we can do our bit to protect our Mother Earth from rapid degradation. Value Creation & Growth - Our mission is to create value to our consumers, farmers & local producers and partners. To our customers, we will provide access to the highest quality organic and natural products available. For small and marginal producers of sustainable products, we will strive to generate stable income and reduce financial risk. For our partners - be it our channel partners or investors, we will create "Win-Win" opportunities.

Product & Quality

Procure highest quality sustainable products - Our aim is to promote products that promote health and social / environmental sustainability. We will strive for the highest quality by working very closely with the producers.

Build an effective rural supply chain - Reducing product costs and improving overall experience is a key agenda for GoodSeeds. We are establishing innovative processes across procurement, logistics, storage and delivery and create value to our suppliers and customers.

Ensure quality in service - We believe providing our community with relevant information and providing timely access to quality products are key to realizing our vision. We will utilize innovative business practices and latest technology to provide the highest quality service